Sunday, 30 September 2012

Weekend #16

This weekend was spent in London so naturally we made the most of it with lots of sight seeing and getting out and about. We had the weather for it and who knows how much longer it will last...

On Saturday we planned to spend most of the day at Portobello Market. Because this would require lots of energy, we filled ourselves up on these. When we got there, we did the whole thing, from right at the top by Notting Hill Gate, all the way down to Kensington. There were sooo many lovely things that I would have loved to have filled not just one, but many houses with but alas, I do not have the room for any of them! Perhaps I'll take a trip back when I have my own place ;)

In the evening, we took ourselves for the early bird menu at Charlotte's Bistro, a really lovely little restaurant in Chiswick. This places boasts a great menu and if you are happy to eat before 7.30, you can get it for their early dinner prices - £26.95 for 3 courses and an aperitif. I would have taken some snaps but it was quite a small place and not too busy that early so felt a bit concious! I had a scrummy partridge salad to start, Cornish gurnard for the main and earl grey and fig crème caramel for dessert. J had venison tartare to start, slow cooked pork belly for main and the cheese selection to follow. After stuffing our faces, we rolled home for some movies and bed time.

Sunday we popped off to J's parents for some lovely home cooked Sunday lunch. A little taste of fresh air and home life, in the midst of London madness is always appreciated. After gorging ourselves again, we headed back to London, chilled out and then it was time for J to head back to Southampton and me to fall swiftly asleep - all that food tired me out!

The song that I have been listening to a lot recently is Ellie Goulding's new one, Anything Could Happen. I really enjoy this song and it is great to have her back making music again after she has been away for a while.

E x

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